Moto camping for the Canadian wilderness

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Camping from a motorcycle can be a challenge in Canada. With unpredictable weather and limited storage options, It can quickly become a daunting task. ADV Ontario has put together a list of essential gear to make your next camping trip a breeze.

Saddle Bags


The first step in a good camping setup is your storage system. we recommend a soft luggage system, they are safer for offroad riding and offer more flexibility over hard panniers. We also like the fact that they are universal, this saves you big bucks in the long run since you won't have to shell out more money every time you upgrade to a new Moto. We are a big fan of the Enduristan Blizzard Saddle Bags this system is affordable and durable .

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East hills Outdoors Jungle Explorer

Let's face it Canada is the Land of a billion trees, if you're not already using a hammock do it trust me you will thank me later. Getting yourself elevated off the damp cold ground is a game-changer. I have never had a better night's sleep in the woods, Hammocks offer better comfort and airflow for the warmer summer days. The biggest bonus from switching to a hammock is pack size, it packs down way smaller than a regular tent which makes it perfect for moto camping. We recommend the East hills Outdoors Jungle Explorer for the price you get all you need to start enjoying hammock camping. It includes a bug net, tarp, tree traps, and a hammock.

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Sleeping bag


Your sleeping bag is one of the most crucial aspects of a good night's sleep. for moto camping we highly recommend the BIG AGNES ANVIL HORN SLEEPING BAG. with a roomy fit and the ability to secure your sleeping pad to the bottom of the bag, makes this a great option for a good nights sleep.

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Sleeping pad

Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad

Even when sleeping in a hammock it is crucial to have an insulated area between you and the ground. this sleeping pad works great in a hammock when used with the BIG AGNES ANVIL HORN SLEEPING BAG. We also recommend using a hammock quilt but this can be an expensive and bulky option.

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Cook Set

Stanley cookset

When it comes to trailside cooking you need a way to boil water. We highly recommend the Stanley cookset. It stores small and only weighs less then a pound, making it perfect for moto camping.

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Cook Stove

Primus OmniFuel II Stove

A good stove is essentials, and fuel can be hard to come by. We recommend the Primus OmniFuel II Stove you can find fuel for this stove almost anywhere on the globe. The OmniFuel burns white gas, gasoline,kerosene, diesel, or aviation fuel – and you can attach butane or propane canisters. order here

Camp chair

Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

A good camp chair is a must for moto camping, we recommend the

YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair it packs small and is well made.

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Camp chair

Trekology Sand Cover

NO MORE SINKING CHAIRS: Prevent your chair from sinking into soft grounds such as muddy grass or sand. This anti-sinking mat is lightweight and pairs well with portable camping chairs.

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Bug tarp

NoBugZone CT11

The most crucial part of enjoying camping is having a comfortable place to cook and hang out. The NoBugZone CT11 gives you shelter from the rain and the dreaded Canadian Mosquito!

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Garmin zumo XT

Finding the right trails on your adventure can be challenging. The rugged zūmo XT motorcycle navigator is built for adventure. Its ultra bright 5.5” display is glove-friendly, rain-resistant and shows you the adventurous way — on and off the beaten path.

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TOUROAM Emergency Survival Personal IFAK

282 in 1 professional emergency survival kits with essential tools, Containing:upgrade survival multitool, wire saw, flashlight, Paracord bracelet and first aid supplies for emergency situations.

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